Georgia should divorce records be sealed

Any wording that has anything to do with a Qualified Domestic Relationships Order. Both of these aspects of your divorce will require specific wording since how it is processed with depends on how a third party interprets the language in the divorce decree.

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Another thing to be cautious of is the wording related to child visitation or custody decisions. You run into a problem when you are dealing with a parent that is anything but "reasonable.

It is imperative that your final decree is worded in a way that protects your legal interest and will hold up if, for whatever reason, you need to modify or appeal the document at a later date. A final decree of divorce is archived in the vital records office of your courthouse, in the county in which you obtain your divorce. In most situations, the court clerk or your attorney will mail you a copy of your final decree.

Douglas County, Georgia USA

Read the documents closely to make sure no mistakes were made, no language was changed and you are satisfied with the wording. Before Osborne signed the order sealing the file, he heard from the Richardsons, in private, in his chambers.

Understanding Divorce In Atlanta (And Georgia In General)

The motion initially was assigned to Judge Tonny Beavers, who stepped aside on Feb. Osborne was then assigned the motion. But he has not stepped aside to allow another judge from another circuit hear the case. With the prevalence of identity theft, Osborne said he is surprised more parties do not ask for their cases to be sealed. Georgia State University law professor Roy Sobelson, an ethics expert, noted that the code of judicial conduct calls for judges to disqualify themselves when their impartiality might be reasonably questioned.

Sealing Juvenile Court Records

Paul Johnson said. If the court issues an order to seal these records, it's a good idea to double check that all records which should be redacted or sealed actually get filed under seal.

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  • Divorce is emotionally traumatic for all parties, but an experienced divorce attorney can guide you through the process to protect your privacy and ensure your financial security. Get in touch with a divorce attorney in your area with your concerns about divorce records and maintaining your privacy, or with any other questions about the divorce process.

    Getting Your Divorce Records Sealed for Privacy Reasons

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