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I look at all the lonely people I look at all the lonely people I look at all the lonely people I look at all the lonely people I look at all the lonely people yeah I look at all the lonely people. Verse 1: Talib Kweli Yo, I'm headin' out, 'bout to do some flesh and now I know my flesh endowed with somethin' to prove I'm settin' out on a trip to Heaven's mile Yeah, I'm steppin' out in the name of love Who knew the Devil could slow dance?

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  3. Look At All The Lonely People.

We have pathological romances with technological advance Infatuated with infatuation and Intellectual masturbation with premature ejaculation Make a baby mama's all bastardization and Lonely people all through the city They club hoppin' and they love shoppin' and they thug posturin' Thugs be lockin' horns with Crips on them drug blocks And them dollars flow right out of the 'hood When you tryin' to make paper out of the wood You know that money don't grow on trees For paper people change colors like leaves And they fall off in the mud like a filthy pig Makin' you and your dogs who store all call off That much deserved ass whippin' He snitchin', he twitchin', he bitchin', he all soft Never work with his hands Little kid on the block who always ran At all costs, gotta be in the club Lookin' for happiness or the meaning of love Then it hit him, out the blue like a vision All of a sudden he don't like the way he been livin' And wanna be forgiven How I know?

But the move acknowledges just how serious and disturbing the loneliness epidemic has become.

Look at all the lonely people: A lack of connection is a public-health problem

In one British survey, nine million people reported feeling lonely most of the time, and a government commission concluded that rates of loneliness are "worryingly high" across all age groups. The statistics are no less bracing in Canada, with one in five adults reporting some degree of loneliness or social isolation. The health consequences can be severe and even fatal.

Loneliness can kill people as surely as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, according to a Brigham Young University study released last summer. It is associated with a range of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, immune deficiencies, cognitive decline and cellular aging. Compare what we've invested in that to what we've invested in loneliness … it clearly shows there's neglect. But McConnell argues loneliness is not simply a health problem, and to treat it as such—with a designated federal ministry—could be counterproductive.

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  • At the same time we're an increasingly globalized society, and our sense of connectedness is now much more diffuse. The growing tension between work, family and community life has also made it tougher to maintain those vital social ties.

    europeschool.com.ua/profiles/canoduhup/myby-chica-busca.php So has a high degree of economic mobility, forcing people to uproot to chase employment. Janet Fast , who studies how life changes with aging, agrees that appointing a Canadian minister for loneliness, though it might carry symbolic import, is not the best answer to the crisis and may deflect from the root causes. We should not simply accept the headlines but rather should take a critical eye to analyzing the data, examine the change in technologies and how people interact, and then offer an informed, ethical perspective on our brave new world.

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