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Property data, all in one place. Your research will be easier since we aggregated public property records from multiple sources, and we added our proprietary research. User-friendly, fast website. You will save time since property records load quickly and all features are hassle-free, created with users like you in mind. More research tools. Gain access to comps with updated sales, informative maps, mailing lists, and distressed property listings.

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No more wasting time searching property info on multiple websites Access in-depth property history records in one place and speed up your research Access in-depth property history records in one place and speed up your research. Overview Samples Location. View sample report. Montgomery County property records for real estate brokers.

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Michelle E. Access property records in Montgomery County and get the first comprehensive report on us!

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In most instances, Realtors work to determine a reasonable asking price by researching the sales of homes that are comparable to yours—and preferably located in the same neighborhood—through the MLS, or multiple listing service. By looking at, say, three homes similar to yours in size that have sold within the past few months in your neighborhood, an appraiser can determine with a fair degree of accuracy the fair market value of your home.

The attorneys at Benner and Wild are experts at providing legal services to residential, commercial and industrial property owners appealing their tax assessments. Your email address will not be published. Home About Us William E.

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Benner Edward M. Unfortunately, there is no simple tool for figuring out your property value. Tax Assessment Value If you have ever owned a home, you have also paid property taxes on that home. Appraisal Value In order to glean the answer to the question at the start of this article—How much is my home really worth?

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