Why should you do background checks

6 Reasons Why You Should Perform Background Checks - Essential Screens

To perform a background check you'll need to get the full name, social security number, and date of birth of the employee. You will also need the employee's permission for credit reports, school transcripts, and military records. Background checks are governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA , but you should know that there are an array of other laws that affect them, depending on state and region. Companies are not required to perform them by law.

Checks should be applied to all employees consistently and fairly. You'll need written permission if you want to hire an outside company to investigate, want to do a credit report, want access to school transcripts, or want access to detailed military records. If you have made a reasonable request, and the employee denies permission, you can legally take the candidate out of consideration for the position.

For more information, see our guide to background checks. The typical time, according to several popular background check services , is days to verify social security numbers and addresses, check national and county criminal records, and the U. It may be advisable in cases where you're after very basic info, or if the background check is not likely to make a big impact on your hiring decision. Basically, if you feel like a cursory glance at information on social media and Google search is good, maybe this is your best choice.

The problem with this method is that it's hard to be percent sure you got the right person and that the information you're seeing is totally accurate.

Background Checks

It's also possible you'll see information that you should not legally be using in your consideration for a hire. Also, you can spend the time you would have used doing a background check on things that you're an expert at, while the experts handle the background checking.

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Ready to do your own reference check? Here are some reference check questions to help. You may also want to use an employment verification letter. Have a consistent policy.

What does a background check show for pre-employment screening?

Get legal advice. Upon investigation, a major shareholder of the company discovered that the newly hired executive did have a degree in accounting, but not one in computer science.

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  5. You must respect a job applicant's privacy rights when conducting a background check..
  6. Just four months into his new job, the executive was ousted by the company. Though he survived the crash, the plaintiff underwent spinal surgery and was no longer able to work as a crane operator due to his injuries.

    Obtaining Consent for Background Checks

    In the course of the trial, it was revealed that the company driver had received at least three traffic violations in the three years prior to being hired. A criminal conviction alone is not automatically disqualifying.

    www.amouradelicacies.com/wp-includes/2019-11-28/6521.php However, when the nature of the conviction is directly related to the safety and performance of the specific role, as it was in this case, a proper background screen — including a criminal records check and drug screen — might have disqualified this candidate from employment with the oil company. In the end, it all comes down to peace of mind. There is no denying that employment screening processes are hectic and full of stress. You go through such lengthy processes because you want the best for your company.

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    The Bottom Line. All things considered, you need to be thorough in your employment screening process and that is only possible with a comprehensive background check on each applicant. So, unless you want the workplace safety to get compromised or go through the stressful employment screening process again, it is best to run background checks to make smart decisions.

    Needless to say, it is the best approach for you!

    How Much Do Employment Background Checks Cost?

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